Thursday, May 29, 2014

The #NotOneMore Campaign Must Rule the Day

The #NotOneMore Campaign Must Rule the Day
By Mary MacElveen
May 29, 2014

At this very moment there is another Santa Barbara shooter just waiting for the right moment to exact his psychopathic revenge on the rest of us.  How many more Sandy Hooks, Aurora, Colorado, Virginia Techs and others must we endure as a society?

At this given moment, there are ticking time bombs watching the distorted video feeds on and seeing just how many views it has received.  They are seeing themselves in this shooter.  They are ticking time bombs that must be disarmed by our pathetic politicians who refuse to do anything about it.

When the media pounces upon such events, they do so with gusto with pundit after pundit opining as the rest of us grow angry or worse apathetic.  We see the memorial services come and go, yet nothing is done to stop it.  Then the media tires of covering these events and moves on.  I found it ironic how CNN chose day-in-an-day-out coverage of a missing plane than it will these horrific events.

The other night as I watched an interview between Richard Martinez whose only child Christopher Martinez was slaughtered in that mass shooting and it broke my heart.  He told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he was sick of getting the ‘I’m sorry’ phone calls from congress members.  His clear message to all congress members was to actually do something to stop these mass killings of innocent victims.

As you will notice, I refuse to name these psychotic killers because I do not want to give them any publicity.

I am so sick and tired of the NRA’s influence over our body politic.  The #NotOneMore campaign must rule the day and influence our politicians on behalf of we the people. 

There are just too many lives being lost in our country due to guns.  Often it is the mass shootings that gain notoriety, but guns are taking the lives of innocent victims each and every day.  Just look at how children get their hands on guns thinking it’s a toy and accidently kills some other child.  While that incident is not the government’s fault, I blame the person who owns that gun for not locking it up.

Just a few weeks ago, the block that I grew up on in Hempstead, NY two people became the victims of a shooting and that once peaceful block was taped off.  To me it offended my senses and all of those who at one time lived on that block.  The house it occurred at was a house I use to play in as a child.

It seems to me that our politicians like to get involved in violence that takes place overseas while turning their back on the violence here in our own back yard.  Well enough is enough.

I refuse to be apologetic to all second amendment folks who believe everyone has the right to own a gun.  No they don’t!  We need stricter laws as to who gets to own a gun.  Were any of these mass shooters part of any ‘well regulated militias’? No, they were not.  Most of them were loners living in their own psychotic world.  Are everyday shooters a part of any militia?  No, they are criminals seeking to use a gun to end another’s life.

Are lawful gun owners with the laws as they stand now a part of any ‘well-regulated militia’?  As a former gun owner, I was not.

I used to be a gun owner of a semi- automatic rifle, but got rid of it.  In purchasing that weapon which was a Ruger Mini 30, I was not subjected to any back ground check.  Here was a gun with a magazine clip that could hold over ten rounds of ammunition.  The magazines are easy to empty and to reload another full one.

I would take it to target shoot at a gun range at Calverton, NY.  How many ticking time bombs are honing their skills at shooting ranges?  We know that the Sandy Hook shooter’s Mom would take him to target shoot even knowing he had mental issues.  His father even detailed the account of his mentally disturbed life in an article for The New Yorker titled The Reckoning.  It’s a bone-chilling account of that shooter’s psychotic life.

This issue of gun violence must also fall on parents and society itself.  We are living in an increasing violent society.   Parents must get into their children’s lives and ferret out any dangerous signals coming from them and most importantly get them help.  If a person of authority at a child’s school sees someone who appears to be a loner, he/she must intervene.  We have intervention when it comes to substance abuse: Why not for mental diseases that can lead to gun violence?

What frightens me is how easy it is to get one’s hand on any semi-automatic rifle.  All one has to do is Google for them.  You can even buy a gun on Ebay. How many ticking time bombs that are hell bent on a mission of destruction are availing themselves with these weapons through the Internet?

In conclusion, I am tired of politicians getting face time through the media telling all of us just how sad they are when these mass shootings occur.  Tell us what you are going to do about it.  We who live our daily lives are in need of protection.  We deserve the right to life.  If you are a pro-life elected official yet are for gun rights, then you are not pro-life at all.  You are part of the problem when the NRA influences your beliefs and acts.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Doctors and Nurses Keep Listening for the Sounds of Cease Fire

By Mary MacElveen

May 30, 2011

On this Memorial Day I chose to watch the last M*A*S*H episode, “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen”. It was three hours long, but well worth it.

In one scene, while the doctors and nurses of the fictional 4077th were operating, one could hear the last guns fired in the Korean War. Which led me to ask, when will we hear the last guns fired in the wars we are fighting overseas in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya? These wars seem to me that they will go on with no end in sight.

Normally, it disturbs me at how retail establishments use this somber day for sale events. Soldier’s blood for a must have item is what this day has turned out to be.

While the sales disturb me, what fully angered me this past weekend was Sarah Palin pushing her way into an event which she was not invited to. Rolling Thunders purpose is to remember our soldiers and veterans. Sarah Palin selfishly co-opted this event for her own self serving wants and that is notoriety and money as she starts her ‘One Nation’ tour. In my opinion, she is the queen of narcissism. Michelle Bachmann another narcissist must be tearing her hair out at the amount of coverage Palin received this past weekend.

When we now see coffins coming home or wounded vets, we do not often think of the doctors or nurses who patch them up so they may return to us. Day in and day out, these medics are knee deep in blood trying to save the life of one who was trying to save ours. I often think we need a Medic Day to honor them.

As they repair limbs as best they can, remove guts from a gaping hole, try to rebuild a burnt face, I rest assure you, these medics keep listening for the sounds of cease fire.

Imagine, you are a young doctor or nurse with your life ahead of you and you dream of healing patients from natural diseases and injuries; then in one fell swoop you find yourself in the military hospital. Here you are fully trained and you are treating patients whose injuries could have been prevented had we not gone to war.

When we often misuse the term hero, these medics are true heroes for stepping up to the plate where wars wage on. They are the ones who see first hand what the politicians refuse to see. Men and women dying or coming home badly wounded.

On this Memorial Day besides bestowing honor to our war dead, our wounded soldiers and veterans, I also wish to bestow honor to these doctors and nurses. They did not dream they would be healing and patching up soldiers. They do so round the clock and with little fan fare or notoriety. Do you hear me, Palin?

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Gift of Peace from Fredie

By Mary MacElveen

April 28, 2011

Over ten years ago, I started to write op-ed pieces for those who had no voice within the world via the Internet; meaning the poor, and the powerless. This led me to meet an incredible woman named, Fredie via emails. Her spirit mirrors mine when it comes to politics. Yes, we are both liberals. Do you have a problem with that? If so, tough!

Our first time meeting was at the anti Iraq War rally which took place on February 15th, 2003. Joining us was our dear friend John Schwam who has written numerous pieces on mountain top removal in the Appalachian Mountains. Fredie from time-to-time sends me emails of issues that do concern her and in some way, I bring them to a larger audience.

When I started my writing, I thought this was my path in life to become a famous journalist. These ten years later, I ask: Is being famous all that important and the answer is no. Trying to be famous is just one’s ego speaking and if one chooses to be the voice of those less fortunate, ego gets thrown out the window. With me, it is all about letting the story be the story. It is not to bloviate, but to bring light to those who read my pieces on the suffering of others.

Lately, I have not written columns due to personal reasons and perhaps God will direct me when the time is right for me to continue my work. At this point, I work as a part time cashier for a grocery store. It is a job that I am grateful to have, because in these tough economic times, there are many without. In my job as a cashier, I am living the real economy. When people have to put food items back because they cannot afford them, I feel their pain because anyone of us can be them.

In the world of journalism, the legacy of one’s writings can lead to winning the Pulitzer Prize. Well today, from my dear friend, Fredie, I received the peace prize. She sent me a pair of earrings with the peace symbol dangling from them. I was deeply humbled.

In her note to me, she wrote in part, “I want you to have this pair because no one speaks up for peace like you.” I shall wear them proudly.

Fredie, you have no idea how great your gift was to me especially at this time.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Projected winner for the Suffolk 6th L.D. race, Sarah Anker

By Mary MacElveen

It appears that Democrat, Sarah Anker has won the special election for the 6th legislative seat for Suffolk County, NY. A seat previously held by now Assemblyman Dan Losquadro.

With all districts now in, the unofficial tally has Sarah Anker beating her opponent, Martin Haley (Republican) by a little over 200 votes.

In a district that heavily favors Republicans over Democrats by 5,000 voters, it seems that by the latest tally, the Democrats GOTV over Republicans. Democratic voters cast 3,112 versus 2,212 Republicans according to the Suffolk County Board of Elections web site.

Rick Brand of Newsday wrote this of Haley,” Haley portrayed himself in campaign mailings as part of the "Levy team." But at the very end of the campaign, Haley had to face Levy's surprise announcement that he was not seeking re-election and was turning over his $4-million campaign fund to District Attorney Thomas Spota. Democrats put out last-minute mailings attempting to link Haley to Levy's downfall due to "questionable fundraising." This may have soured Republicans from showing up to the polls as well as Independents who did lag behind the Working Families Party.

This seat was once held by Martin Haley and perhaps voters wanted a fresh voice in this elective body. Sarah Anker was a former Mount Sinai school board member, and other positions such as an environmental and civic activist. She advocated for the creation of Heritage Park and helped block a Wal-Mart from taking over that space.

With cancer on people’s minds she founded the Health and Environmental Coalition to find links between breast cancer and the environment.

Who knows by these results, but it may be an early indicator of how voters feel with a Republican led House in Washington, D.C.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Letter to the Editor at Newsday regarding Nassau County's Bus System

By Mary MacElveen

March 19, 2011

Below is a letter to the editor at Newsday. In the event that they choose not to publish my letter, I am posting it here for all to read.

Dear Editor,

Let me just say that I was livid when ‘CensorThisOne’ responded to “On Nassau County’s plan to turn bus service over to a private operator”: when he/she wrote: “Dump the buses altogether. Will never make money and we will have to bail them out.” which was published on March 18th.

I suppose that this person drives. I have frequently posted in numerous places for politicians to go without cars for a week in order to make meetings, go to the doctors, go shopping and any other place they need to go. I have suggested that they use buses instead. You know, putting yourself in another’s shoes? At this point, I would suggest to ‘CensorThisOne’ do the same.

As far as bailing out, I would rather have my tax money go to help save a bus system that serves thousands upon thousands of people each day; namely the disabled or those who cannot afford to operate and own a car. These working class people need to get to work and without reliable buses; they can soon find themselves out of a job. I know for a fact that taking cabs is far too expensive. Perhaps this person would love to see a human being on the side of the road with a sign “Need a ride to work” and then just drive by them.

By the way, I have suffered from epileptic seizures since the age of 15 and I am now 52. I have never driven and must rely on public transportation in order to get to work. I have lashed out at Suffolk County Executive, Steve Levy when it comes to the bus system in Suffolk County, NY that does not operate on Sundays. There have been numerous Sundays that I have worked and must take a cab where the fare is more than my hourly wage.

Mary MacElveen

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Food stamp recipients can purchase cigs in NY while working citizens are taxed

By Mary MacElveen

September 27, 2010

In the past I have raged against the lawmakers in NY State, especially Gov. David Paterson for taxing and taxing smokers to fill in NY’s budget donut hole. I have been met with little sympathy as a smoker.

I want to clue my readers into this little known fact that welfare recipients who receive food stamps can purchase both cigarettes and alcohol on their food stamp account. How do I know this? I work as a grocery store cashier. I have witnessed food stamp recipients receive money back on their purchases in order to buy these items. Meanwhile, you and I the tax payers are paying for their habits.

As for me who works for a little over minimum wage must also pay for their habit, while NY State taxes my same habits. Something is terribly wrong within this state when food stamp recipients receive more than I get.

Two weeks ago, a person who used to work for the grocery store I work in got fired a year ago. He now receives food stamps and chose to take out $177 more from his account after his initial purchase. I then handed him the cash. What did he do with that money? He paid for cigarettes and alcohol. Yet, NY State wishes to tax hard working citizens instead of eliminating this loop hole within the food stamp program? This is not fair at all!

I call upon Governor David Paterson and all legislators within NY State to end the punitive tax on smokers and close the loop hole which allows food stamp recipients to purchase these products.

My opinion in how to do this is to not allow food stamp recepients to take out money that exceeds their transactions. Food stamp money should and must be used for food instead of cigs and alcohol period!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yes, Christine O’Donnell, I am calling you stupid

By Mary MacElveen
September 22, 2010

On many occasions and especially after the primary success of Christine O’Donnell, I feel that American politics has become our new “Reality-TV” where the absurd reigns supreme. It is akin to the “Twilight Zone”

I once stated in a previous column honoring the late Sen. Paul Wellstone that each senator has the power over our lives and represents us within the U.S. Senate. With that said, if O’Donnell is elected senator, I feel that we the people will look into the abyss and ask our Delawarean citizens who voted for her: What have you done to this country? To that, my answer would be; you have made us a weaker country by electing a senator who has NO experience in government or the laws that join us together.

Cute sound-bites and activism within the sexual realm does not a senator make. One must have the fortitude of knowledge in order to be elected senator. Yes, Christine O’Donnell, I am calling you stupid.

As we live in a global society, I often wonder what our global citizens think of this upcoming election with a “Tea Party” insurgency within the Republican ranks. Either they are terrified of what is to come or they are shaking their heads thinking that America is stupid to elect anyone of these candidates.

As a former Republican, I do think that this new Republican Party is stupid to follow this “Tea Party” movement. While stupid, I do find they are opportunistic. They just want the votes and power. Let us NOT give it to them!

Chris Coons is clearly the better candidate for office since he does have governing experience as a County Executive. He has this experience since he oversees budgets, and the laws that join us as one. Yet O’Donnell gets the MSM coverage? How absurd is that? Coons does deserve to win and O’Donnell should be forgotten. Her fifteen minutes of fame should be over with right NOW!

Hey, even Wiccans speak out to clarify that they are not in bed with Satanists. There is a pun in there, but do not tell Christine…LOL!

Like Sharron Angle who ran from cameras, O’Donnell has chosen to go that route as well. Come on folks, what are they afraid of? They are afraid of we the people. They are afraid of answering the tough questions. They think that aligning themselves with this “Tea Party” movement they can play games with us and it is up to all of us to shut them down. It is up to we the people to shut the Republican Party down for marching lock step behind the “Tea Party” candidates. They are pure cowards.

One must ask these “Tea Party” candidates running for senate exactly what Senate Rule 51 is especially with the demise of Senate Defense Bill which contained the DADT amendment. Let us see what O’Donnell’s and Angles answer is to that question.

Okay, O’Donnell and Angle, you say you want to be senators, what process governs budget reconciliations? Come on and think. I as an American citizen know this answer, but do you?

Okay, okay, not to pick solely on the female candidates, but to all “Tea Party” candidates: What rule “determines that discussion of business requires secrecy, that a motion be made to close the doors and that it be seconded. The Presiding Officer of the United States Senate shall direct the galleries to be cleared; and during the discussion of such motion the doors shall remain closed.” Please remember this has everything to do with national security and not just some angry mobs seen on Fox News. By the way, the question in quotes, I will not tell you where I picked it from since you should already know that if you are qualified to be a United States Senator.

As I look back on the angry town halls that took place a little over a year ago, I look to my fellow Americans to attend any town hall or NOW and ask these candidates: What qualifies you to become my new senator or congress member? Let them not get off the hook by citing that masturbation is evil or that women should not serve in the military especially when women have died in service to this republic.

To Christine O’Donnell, you have espoused beliefs that women should not serve in the military, try telling that to this female soldier whose face was burned off shaking hands with Denzel Washington: This female soldier unlike you is the ultimate patriot.

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